Graulund Consulting offers a unique combination of

  • IP expertise
  • Management experience
  • In-depth understanding of the industry
  • Many years of business experience

Graulund Consulting was established in 2010 by Tove Graulund. The company offers business development consulting services to consultancies, law firms and service providers in the IP community. 

The company offers consulting services in the areas of IP management and IP strategy to businesses. 

Tove is a European Trademark & Design Attorney. During her professional career she worked with different aspects of IP, both as a hands-on expert, a manager and a representative of an interest group. 

Tove has extensive experience in dealing with IP as an in-house expert and developed several tools to create increased awareness and understanding of IP in a FMCG business with significant international activity. 

As Director of an IP firm Tove worked with clients in several large and smaller companies while being responsible for cross-country development.

As Chairman of MARQUES Tove worked with a team of individuals from different cultures to develop the vision and initiated the growth of the organisation. MARQUES is now a well-established organisation in the IP community and a respected NGO active in the IP debate. Tove was awarded life membership of MARQUES, and she received the  MIP Outstanding Achievement Award in 2007 for her voluntary work to promote the interests of brand owners.
Tove has been active for many years in lobbying activities and has in-depth knowledge of the future development of the IP market. She was one of the first observers and represented MARQUES at the OHIM Administrative Board and Budget Committee from 2009 to 2013. Tove was Chair of the MARQUES EU Trademark Reform Task Force and lead the team through its extensive work from the beginning in 2009 until the entry into force in 2016. 

Tove is a member of MARQUES International Trademark Team and INTA Bulletins Committee.

Tove was a Special Adviser to the Executive Director of the EUIPO. The role included being a member of the European Cooperation External Advisory Board.

Tove acted as an External Consultant (Madrid Protocol) for WIPO. In this role she promoted and gathered feedback on the Madrid Protocol from users in the Nordic countries, the Baltics, the Benelux, Ireland and the UK.